Adult Acne Problems, need your help!

01 February 2014


acne prone skin


Mild Adult Acne Prone Skin


Guys, I really need your help on this one.

I don’t know what to do anymore with my skin, it’s been a complete disaster since October. I’ve suffer unfortunately from Acne prone skin, but my skin is usually very good during summer period, but terrible in winter.

I’m not being able to get rid of my pimples. They keep returning no matter how good I treat my skin, take care of myself or keep a healthy diet/lifestyle. I’ve been to a doctor, but they don’t want to prescribe me any medication like Accutane because it’s only for people with severe Acne and my Acne is mild. Sure thing, but it’s still a problem for me.


Mild Adult Acne Prone Skin


I’ve tried the gels and cremes like Differin given from my doctor, but it does not help. It just dries my skin out and I know the acne is not only because of the surface of the skin. It’s coming from hormonal side. I’ve also tried taking contraceptive pills to get the hormones in balance, but no that doesn’t help either :(

So I don’t know what to do. 
Where can I find a doctor who would give me Accutane?
Is there anything else beside Accutane that could WORK for people with mild acne? I want to get rid of this Acne forever! I need to find some suitable medication. 

Maybe anyone of my UK readers know of a good dermatologist in London?

Any advice are highly appreciated! Many thanks!


Mild Adult Acne Prone Skin


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16 Responses to “Adult Acne Problems, need your help!”

  1. Anonymous says:

    cut out the dairy its not good
    drink soy and almond milk its very good for the skin and body
    once you cut out the diary you will notice a change

  2. Luxurious says:

    i would say not to eat dairy products and DRINK LOTS OF WATER everyday
    last winter i had the habit to drink a lot of water and my skin was very beautiful everybody noticed.

  3. Weyda says:

    I bet that you know that dairy products, lack of water and orange juice (at least for me) triggers some acne. I would advice you to go to the doctor when you are having the most severe outbreaks. Some doctors actually like to see the issue not just talk about it so I think that would increase your chances of getting medicine. I also think that medicine don’t always work and that you should try some alternative medicine, other then that you should also know what your doing/eating/drinking these days that could cause these outbreaks. Hope that helped a bit :)

  4. prettytrippy says:

    I don’t know if you can get Proactiv products in London, but it really does work. It can be pretty harsh especially on sensitive skin, so ease yourself onto it. They just released a new and improved formula that has more skin care benefits for us non-teens with acne called Proactiv Plus. Give one of the starter kits a try!

    Good luck!

  5. Anonymous says:

    Ask your doctor for a hormonal blood test. It might be a hormonal disbalance.

  6. Anonymous says:

    I wouldn’t recommend you to use medicine on acne problems. Or, you could start using the Diane birthcontrol pill, its so good, my skin have become flawless after i started using it. I would recommend you to start using very good products in brands like Md formulations and Decleor. Espesially md formulations have a serum that is called md formulations continous renewal serum. I also reccomend you to use the md formulations face and body scrub. Its so so good products!! But you should be aware of how it works. The first 2-3 weeks of using it your skin will be the worst it has ever been because everything needs to come out. After this process the skin will be clearer than ever. If you use “pimple cream” products it will dry out the skin, at first the pimples will go away because they get dried out. Then eventually the skin will be very dry and you will start produce more oil so the skin will get nourished, and then your skin will be the worst ever because the oil will produce pimples!! This is the difference between most creams for pimples and md formulations. You also say that your skin is the best in summer, this is just like me! What about if you went regular to sauna?

    You once said that you are swedish, this blog is in norwegian so I guess you will understand it, but its the best skincare blog!! (check out this)

  7. Mini09 says:

    Acutane is terrible for your body, it damages your hair, nails, lips and eye sight… I should know, i did it. Change dermatologist and i am sure you will be prescribed something safe and efficient.

  8. Anonymous says:

    I went to the doctor and was given some pills that contained antibioutiques. It was a while ago but I think the name of the pills was tetralysal. This helped a lot! However, they do not want to subscribe you this many times, so I had to find something else. I now use a gel wash Basiron, which also makes my skin looks so much better. I do not know if they sell it in the UK though. I love your blog, keep up the good work :)

  9. Lill says:

    Check this out:
    It’s in norwegian, but maybe you can translate the page. I havent tried the same products that this girl are using, but my skin is now perfect from using products from the same brand (EmerginC). Good luck :)

  10. cath says:

    just to add to the discussion in the beginning on ‘diet’ – apart from ‘diary’ which you obviously know and are not consuming due to the ‘alkaline’ diet you try now, fructose/glucose heavy diets are devastating for skin too. i guess alkaline diets, which rely primarily on fruit (and even too much lemon zest/juice contains sugar) , may not be the best choice for your skin type. this is because sugar (from any source, incl. fruit) breaks down collagen (which keeps your skin plump and looking hydrated) and binds H2O so that it won’t stay in the skin cells. you might want to reconsider if ‘alkaline’ is really working, as there are other less beneficial side effects to it (loss of muscle tissue due to lack of protein over longer periods of time, i.e. more than 3 days). or at least add some healthy fats (from food, such as avocado, salmon etc. or via supplements of omega 3 oils at least).

    apart from diet, what has not been mentioned yet, but which is quite helpful, are ‘sonic face cleansing brushes’ such as from Philips VisaPure or Clarisonic -> they cleanse the skind (there are sensitive brushes available) and make the skind better absorb the working ingredients from creams/ serums.
    on top of that I am using dermalogica products. as far as i know, every single dermalogica counter (you can find salons in London) will do a thorough (free of charge) skin test first and give you trial products, so you won’t waste that much money and at least for me, it works :)
    have a great night and thanks for regular posts again, had been missing them so much!!

  11. kitty says:

    First of all i do not recommend you take Accutane AT ALL, it thins out your skin AT LOT and you’ll probably get more wrinkles. I suggest you get a LIGHT chemical peal, its not very expensive and it will get rid of all your imperfections. Also, invest in a GOOD cream, personally i like Dr. Brandt.
    good luck

  12. JetsetBabe says:

    Big thank you for all your advices! Many new great ideas I will now take a closer look at. Thank you guys 😀

  13. Sara_B says:

    @Jetsetbabe – try face cream “EPIDUO’ (in Poland there is this name of it) – you can buy it only on prescription. I have terrible problem with my skin, and for 3 weeks of use it I forgot about that. I use it for 3 years, mixed with virgin coconut oil. one day Epiduo, then tommorow something nourishing but natural- not selling s**t even its expensive. Ps lov your blog! <3

  14. Annie says:

    When I lived in LA I bought the Orogold Cosmetics 24K deep peeling and moisturizer after trying tons of pre-scripted stuff from my dermatologist. My skin looked amazing when using this. Now I live in Brussels where they don’t sell the brand, so my acne came back. Never really had a lot of acne, it was just that it would always come back after a while. My dermatologist put me om accutane. My skin has never looked so great! It cleared up in like 3 weeks. Not only my break outs disappeared, my scars disappeared as well! Some people say your skin, hair and nails get very thin. In my case, it made my hair and nails go ridiculously fast:). I can’t really say anything about thinning skin, because I was only 19 when I started using this. The final result is amazing, but being on the medication can be hard. It makes the entire skin really really dry and sensitive. You can’t wax, exfoliate, or drink alcohol. Another thing is that it is very bad for your liver. While I was on accutane I caught Pfeiffer’s disease, so the condition of my liver got even worse and I had to stop taking the medication. My doctors thought my liver was very damaged at that point, but after I quit taking accutane, I was fine. Accutane works wonders for your skin, but it can be dangerous. That is why people on accutane are monitored so closely by their doctors. I had to take a blood and pregnancy test every month before receiving my medication. Because of this, the doctors know what it is doing to your body, so it is safe. It is not really that I recommend accutane, since there are other things out there that are a healthier choice, but it is definitely an option to consider if your dermatologist approves. Hope your skin improved a bit already!!

  15. Ada says:

    Hey Jetsetbabe,
    I had an acne problem for a long time and what really helped me was a mixture of coconut oil and tea trea oil which I apply on my face every evening before I go to bed and I wake up with glowing skin. I would also recommend you a face brush, which is also very good because it opens your pores.
    Hope it will help you xx

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