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A Sugar Baby Story

18 January 2015


 A Sugar Baby Story


I want to share one of my readers story about how and why she became a sugar baby.

It is easy for many of us to judge, but I think it’s good to get a different side to the story, because life isn’t just one way or another, and it, and it’s important to keep that in mind.


 A Sugar Baby Story


So, my name is XXXX and I was born in Serbia. My mother is Croatian and my father is Russian.

Even though I was raised by parents with an ‘East European mentality’ and I have lived in so many countries already, I don’t feel particularly bound to a certain nationality. Although I am proud of my roots. 😉 Most of my life I’ve lived in Croatia and Brussels.

Life was always quite comfortable until my parents had problems with money and when I was 16 we found ourselves homeless and with a lot of debts…


A Sugar Baby Story


From there my life just became worse and worse. I gained an awful lot of weight, became depressed, have lost interest in absolutely everything.

I honestly don’t know how I managed high school. Long story short: my life was horrible and I’ve hit pretty much rock bottom. I had to change schools because the school I was going to was too expensive for my parents.

I didn’t had much money for college but somehow I managed to pay one semester (I studied Classics). Life just kept throwing more obstacles and and I pretty much fucked up school… On top of that I had a really hard time with my parents and well, technically ran away.


A Sugar Baby Story


But then I got back in touch with an old friend.

You know those girls that have that something about them but you just don’t know what? Everybody liked her, she was absolutely gorgeous and honestly, I was obsessed with her.

But here’s the thing that mesmerized me; before we got back in touch I knew she dropped out of high school and she was doing drugs. Living with her abusive boyfriend. After we saw each other she looked really healthy, very well dressed and generally happy.

I thought: how can I turn my life around like that?


 A Sugar Baby Story


She was my first motivation to get my shit together and take some control of my own destiny rather than sobbing and doing nothing.

Of course I hung out with her a lot and she basically introduced  me into this wonderful world of jet setters (and the whole  entourage around it too).

Quickly I understood she was a sugar baby and I just watched her how she did it and felt the urge to do it myself. Homeless and hungry  or travelling around, having a roof above my head and food on the table? You already know the answer. :) This girl introduced me to a lot of people and voila.


A Sugar Baby Story


I knew I had to come up with a plan because I saw the ugly side too, the girl was very honest with me and never sugar coated anything. Somehow even the bad side seemed appealing to me. I though I can manipulate my way around without getting in trouble or abused and throw my life around.

I’ve set some goals and before I knew it I dropped out of college and I was jet setting around the world. It started out very simple. I wanted food and shelter. After so many horrible years, to be honest with you, I allowed myself to just enjoy life for a while and do ‘nothing’.

Just travel, see beautiful places, party a bit (I’m not that much of a party girl… Clubs aren’t appealing to me but I love good company). After a couple of months I felt it was time to start thinking about my future. I knew I wanted to go back to college but I wasn’t ready for that.


A Sugar Baby Story


So I just started to save. I just knew I had to make money but making sure to stay in the jet set world was quite a lot of work so I found other ways to gain money instead of working a regular job. Every time someone offered me expensive bags, clothes, shoes,… I would sell it and save up the money. After a while it was just easier to admit I was a sugar baby, and be more of a ‘hard core sugar baby’.

With no rent to pay, no food to pay, being drowned with gifts it was actually easy to save the money. After 8 months or so, I finally had enough money to start over my life!


A Sugar Baby Story


I do feel like I cheated my life a little bit ahead. It was easy for me to get into this lifestyle because this girl already did all the work.

Staying there was a lot of hard work. I’ve never been so superficial, worried about my appearance, competed with other girls, tried to take care of myself and a lot of other thing, all of that while trying to seem authentic and not desperate…

So, roughly for a year I was quite a jet set babe myself. 😉 It was fun but I knew I wanted to move on.


A Sugar Baby Story


I actually moved to Paris. I’ve slowed down the travelling but I know I will never be able to completely quit. I just love it.

Now I’m 19 years old, living in Paris. Working a job (I’m working as a counselor for troubled kids, helping them through life a little bit. I know how hard it is to have no one and be in a shitty situation so of course when I saw the opportunity to take the job I did) and also ‘working’ as a sugar baby. Honestly, I am pretty damn proud of myself. I guess that’s why I wanted to contact you. I wanted to share my story and hopefully inspire someone else?

I completely turned my life around! From being homeless to living in a nice apartment in the middle of Paris and feeding myself.


A Sugar Baby Story


I know you might cringe at the thought of being a sugar baby but I couldn’t do it without it. Not because of the lavish lifestyle but because of the freedom, the financial security, the things I learn and see… It helps me grow, it opens my eyes, it matures me, it made me so confident.

And being a sugar baby, it’s actually something I’m good at. I’m only 19 and I feel like I’ve made so much insane progress. I’m planning to enroll in a university next year and have a normal student experience, so I’m saving money for the next 4/5 years.


 A Sugar Baby Story




Thank you for sharing your story! <3

Without wanting to glamourising being a sugar baby, I think it’s important to show girls who are genuinely happy with doing whatever they are doing, I think as long as it’s working to their advantage for them – why not? 

I have become so much less of a judger since I started this blog and got to hear many stories and girl’s voices. Life isn’t just black and white, there are so many other circumstances we often tend to forget. 


If anyone else has a jet set story to share, feel free to email me by clicking here.


Please note that none of the people in the pictures have anything to do with the text written in this post.


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30 Responses to “A Sugar Baby Story”

  1. lea says:

    Dear JB, for past month i was researching sugar babies and realized that there are many misconceptions and also reasons why ppl do that, in my opinion and i am also speaking from my own experience there can be enjoyment in types of behaviour that would be referred as morally wrong, for me there is only difference – if you must do it it’s not your choice, when i was doing crazy things i did it because i wanted to (more like exploration) not because i didnt have any other option,
    i do not judge her in negative way, just feel sry for her even we say she enjoyed it, and i can see clearly reasons why she did, because she had basic needs met and little extra, that’s actually sad,
    what i am glad for her is that she realized that she has potential and wants to go to uni and so on.
    and with sugar babies there are girls who take it as for of prostitution but do not realize/ or do realize that but its glamorized, but genuine sugar babies/ daddies that’s different story.

  2. Nanda says:

    Hello JSB! My question is a bit off-topic.. but do you the brand of those long dresses?(champagne / red one) Thanks a lot! :*

  3. Arian says:

    Honestly i feel like you’re full of shit. How can you be proud of yourself? you sell you’re vagina for money… is that all you think you’re worth? You don’t sound like a very intelligent person so I guess this is the best you will do in life. Honestly, you can look like a top model and have a killer boy bud after being a sugar hooker, no one will want to wife you up and if you get knocked up but some millionaire one day, I guarantee he won’t stay and he most likely won’t respect you. It really bothers me that girls like you glamorize being a hooker. Its also girls like you who ruined louboutins, because you give blow jobs for lobs now the rest of us good girls can’t wear them because we are associated with you dumb sugar babies. Please girl you are 19!!!! get a real life and do something that you will ACTUALLY be proud of…..

    • Nikolina says:

      @Arian, did you miss the point of her going to college? And she probably worked her ass off more than you. After reading this, I didn’t really get a ‘glamorized’ feeling about being a sugar baby (which doesn’t necessarily means opening your legs for cash and/or giving a bj, btw). She clearly states the negative side and I’m sure that was just the tip of the iceberg. And why is she full of shit? Why can’t she be proud about how she changed her situation? You can’t judge someone for the way they chose to survive. Half of the things you say doesn’t make sense… I would just say to this girl; you fucking go girl. I know I would be fucking incapable of doing something like that. If I was in her situation I would probably be living of social fare (or how do you call it) and be miserable… Good luck x

      • SuSu says:

        @NIKOLINA—Agreed, I am in no way passing judgment, but when you are hungry, depressed and or suicidal, Don’t ever say what you won’t do. I sympathize with her pain and understand her grief. Sometimes life throws stones that we are unprepared for. “People in glass houses should never throw stones. At least she took the goods and sold them to support herself. My elders told me, Even old pu$$ y has a price tag.. Just my P.O.V.

    • C says:

      You should keep your ‘moral judgments’ to yourself unless they are logical. How hypocritical of you to ask if she thinks that’s what she is worth then say ‘no one will want to wife you up’. Please. Like she just HAS to be someone’s wife. *rolls eyes* And as if she NEEDS some man’s respect. Complete hypocrisy right there. We don’t need more women putting other women down. By the way, your writing wasn’t the best but I’ll be nice and not use it to judge your intelligence. Also, shoes are shoes. If you had enough self confidence you will wear whatever you like without worrying about what other people think. Good girl my foot… if selling your vagina (not that you even know that she does that and not that she doesn’t have the right) makes you worth less. Why don’t you judge the men who buy as harshly? A girl’s vagina doesn’t determine her worth. That is foolish to think. I mean it’s nit like you know how much the most influential women in this world have used it. Please just stop this double standard nonsense. It helps no one. And morals aren’t universal so try to look at things more neutrally.

    • Anonymous says:

      Don’t hate the lady for thinking outside the box.. Relax it’s just sex

    • haha says:

      she can wear lobus because she is rich and worked for it and you cannot wear them because you’re poor.

      excuses are for those who need them

      the end.

    • S.Taylor says:

      Stop Slut shaming cunt. Don’t knock the hustle. This girl is using self promotion to get where she wants to be in life.

    • anon says:

      Why is everyone coming at this person? Everyone is going to get judged by someone…for almost anything they do. Who cares. Your opinion is your opinion…but for the rest (including myself) I will enjoy the finer things in life while you work your 9-5. I will Ski, while you type… I’ll just have many more experiences than you will. WHO CARES. GET YOUR MONEY , LADIESSSSS!!! Call me what you want…but don’t call me broke lol

      Oh! BTW Wives, mistresses, girlfriends….they are all fucking for something. Even the wife fucks for her lifestyle, it’s considered a long-term prostitution contract. Trading sex for lifestlye. lol Bye bye

    • Andy says:

      Marie Magdalene was Jesus’ friend. She was a whore.
      What? You’re going to argue with Jesus on why she doesn’t deserve to be his friend and you do because you think yourself more ethical and “clean”?
      I would not marry you, because you act and talk like an entitled brat. I have been married to one, and it sucked ass. Might as well have gotten a sugar baby.

  4. M says:

    Coco Chanel also sold her vagina for money but that didn’t stop her from being one of the most influential and iconic women in the 20th century.

  5. susanna says:

    People with the worst grammar are always the most judgemental :-)
    Personally, I don’t really care what other people do with their lives

  6. Arian says:

    @M Coco Chanel was also an Anti-Semite does that make it ok to be anti-Semitic then because she was a talented designer? Whatever people do with their lives is none of my business but my point in my previous post is that glamorizing prostitution has become mainstream these days and from a societal perspective, we are becoming desensitized to these things when in fact, they are morally wrong, in my opinion. We as women should be encouraging each other to do great things in life and change the world to make it a better place

    • SuSu says:

      And she is and will by furthering her degree, Since you are so judgemental then fund her way to college so she don’t have to be a Sugar babe,
      How about that.

  7. M says:

    @Arian Whether she was anti-semitic or not, i’m not sure. But being anti-semitic is certainly wrong.

    I feel like you missunderstood how my comment related to the topic. My point was that even though the way she got the capital needed to lauch her first collection and set up her business might have been questionable or condemnable she still achieved massive success, which would have been impossible otherwise. She was a poor orphan, it’s not like she had other financing options or choice.
    It doesn’t matter how she started, what matters is that she took the only opportunity she was presented to be great at doing something that she loved.

  8. lea says:

    what matters, what is moral? are we not judgmental if we impose moral values on something, values of whom, of which society?
    @ Arian / i get your point, that is the thing “real” sugar babe is not prostitute, but modern world made it so in most cases which is sad
    its just ridiculous to assume that nobody will wife you up lol, btw do one really need to be wife at first place, one who maybe secured other ways to take care of her expenses, for example through child support or aliments? does she really need to take care of some guy when is enough that it is taken care of her? what does she need? status, love or money? too much to sum it up just like that…
    @ M, i think it matters more to society in which we live in, otherwise it would be just personal taste of each individual, and for that reason I think it matters (how she secured her finances) but it also depends on what you want to achieve and how much you care how you will be perceived…
    we do not need to have discussion about this its common reality, and that is why those girls mostly hide their past cause society in general mostly doesnt approve (doesnt matter if it is because of Christianity or evolution theory of securing your offspring)

    the question is how much sacrifice is comfort living or to do something we love wort, and at the end is it sacrifice at all if we love doing it ?(in this context seeping with guys)?

    once i conducted experiment i wanted to know how i would feel if i get money for sleeping with the guy, i asked for large sum, friend of mine solicited it (i didnt know them before) i didnt know one would pay such money for it, for transport for our stay our fun, he was handsome as hell, i didnt need money and i felt nothing different than i would feel otherwise, the point was i would sleep with him anyway he was so sexi we had great time before in-between after, great conversation great party i didnt want relationship nor to be someones wife i wanted one night stand =] so what i think makes difference is the state of desperation, if i wouldnt have any other choice in life or i would be forced to, it would undermine me but when it was my social experiment my own choice and i enjoyed it, so no, i didnt feel any different
    btw arent we all prostitutes? some do it for dinner, some for ring some for children or new house, and yes i mean you sleep with your boyfriend or husband but at the end he provides….love at best but most of the time just security through finance

  9. Marcela says:

    LEA, I so LOVE LOVE LOVE your comments! You always express exactly my own thoughts, in the way I`ve done it thousands of times on my own lenguage. (It`s a little more complicated when you are doing it on another..) But you are so right every time you say an opinion… Every woman espects from the man to provide – doesn`t really matter if it`s going to be a house, a ring , dinners… whatever!

  10. lea says:

    thank you Marcela =] glad to hear that i am not only cynic out there =] if you knew me i was maybe this unicorn who didnt expect anybody to provide anything since i had to be and i choose to be independent (its part of my character and also i was grew into it as well) but i was burned massively and realized that hell yeah they want to be providers so badly cause there are not so many man who can actually overcome their egos and nature, so let them and let them try hard, they like to suffer so be my guest =]]]

    • Marcela says:

      😀 You`re so right!! Like every time! 😀 I`ve observed your opinions in this website and you are always the only one to say it just my way.. Like when you`ve commented about that 16-years old Russian gurl with that 43-years old repugnant freak who basicaly BOUGHT her from her parents and took an advantage of her. You not just express my thoughts exactly but you amaze me with how concise and right-in-the-point you are! I need so many words to say the same thing.. 😀 Probably because of my education. I studied philology for a while. I am from Bulgaria, currently living is Madrid. And how about you? I agree with you about the independence. That`s exactly what my mother still repeat to me every time she gets the chanse.. 😀 And it`s for sure a nice feeling but I am totally against all that feminist-stuff bull shit. It`s a really long story, but as you said, man have been provider for thousands of years and they started to work and fight for their rights in the 70`s. So this independent women is all new thing. We`ve got the same rights as men in 1969 and It was all about women having choise! What they achieved now is that we don`t have a choise! I always see judgemental women who say really bad things about their female sisters if they choose to depend of their husbands. Shouldn`t be that way! It`s not just a whim of the society to be that way! It`s the Mother-Nature-way! Suddenly we`ve become so judgemental about something that has been so normal for thousands of years? Hei! Doensn`t matter what kind of paper will be signed wherever… Men still are men (and God made them competitive for a reason!!!) and women still are the ones who give birth! No paper and decree is going to change that! So I am about women having choise! And not be judged by society if she decides to stay home and just be a mother and a wife, couse I thing this is completely enough and society doen`t have to make her feel guilty and feel like she`s worth nothing if she hasn`t a career. :)

  11. Marcela says:

    I forgot to say – what a clever moove to make for the men – they convince us that they give us sexual freedom.. how very generous of them!.. just to be able to use us sexually and change us all they want (cause they need it!) and we`ve gained something that we don`t actually need that much as they need it and something that depletes our emotional capacity for love and exhausts ourselves. And OH, yeah… They convinced us that they give us our financial independence – meaning now they not just don`t have to marry us, but they don`t even have to take the responsibility for the family. And we wonder why there are less and less MEN out there and they have lost their male instincts. We go and offer ouseleves, totally free (cause THEY SAY it`s a shameful and “BAD BAD thing to pay”.. of course.. FOR THEM!) and then we agree to get pregnant without marrige and work as many hours as them… What a “victory” for us! Really…Though it seems more like their victory, really, if we have to be honest with ourselves.

  12. C says:

    That is so backwards. Yes, it is a victory for women to be able to work and have the same opportunities as men. I don’t know about you but I am proud to know that I am just as (even more so) intelligent and self sufficient as any man. While some feminists have some radical opinions, not all are bad. But the general idea (progress for women AND equality) is a good and reasonable one. If I can work, and stand on my own to feet, then why the hell shouldn’t I? Because mother nature said “men are providers”?! Here is news for you, women also hunted back in the day. Another bit of news- there is this thing called progression which is part of the reason why you can even have say in your day to day choices. And while I’m on topic, to me it’s unreasonable to be a complete stay at home mother. Your child is only going to “need” you for 15 years at most (assuming no extra care is needed). When they move on or become independent then what the hell are you going to do? I see so many women who have trouble finding a place in the workforce when they feel the need to find a new purpose in their lives because they have been out for so long. Also, what the hell are you going to do if your ‘provider’ leaves or dies and you have children?! Sit at home some more and wait? I don’t think so; it’s unreasonable. At least have a part time job or skill. Another example, I know this girl whose father cheated on his wife. But the mother didn’t leave because her child would never be able to go to university without his income (university in the US is much more expensive than in Europe which is so dirt cheap I am surprised she couldn’t pay for it with what she earns in 8 months). Hence, why you should be able to stand on your own feet; for yourself and your child. Women are competitive too. We don’t ‘give’ ourselves away to them nor do they convince us of anything. We choose as all humans should. And we are worth what we say we are worth, not what men say so stop giving them so much power over us with this backwards ideology that only seems to exist in Europe……. By the way, I don’t know how you were taught in school but women in America and Europe have definitely been fighting for rights since at least the 1800s……Men can provide but so can you in the same way as a women. They are definitely not smarter than us as science has shown (and the current state of the world shows). I am totally for equality between both sexes. And that includes women receiving the credit they deserve and the sake opportunities as men do. I will take the opportunity to work as many hours AND raise children if it means I will have a bigger impact on the world and not waste away or have to rely on one head; two heads are better than one.

  13. Sweetest Sugar Baby says:

    Wow! That was a great break through and it resonated with my life. That made me feel more comfortable, confident, and proud for what I’m starting. I am excited to become that successful sugar baby. I wished I started earlier but I’m at rock bottom and need to get out of this pit. I look forward to reading more stories, more blogs, and more tips and tricks.

  14. Masha says:

    Why is it that at every single post about this topic there has to be a judgemental asshole to ruin it all ? Seriously people if you do not like these subjects just move on to other blogs. This is a blog about the jetset lifestyle what do you expect ? Bible quotes ? Tips on chastity ? We do not need your close minded, frustrated and accusing comments.

  15. Ed says:

    Is that all you care about is money?? I bet you don’t even know what love really is? thats the one of the problems in this world, women only caring about money! f*cking stupid pointless sh**t! In the end money is meaningless! You’ll find that out, but not for many many years, and all the stuff and hard work of getting a so called sugar daddy, will be for nothing and you’ll be nothing, just like you are now.

  16. Liz Smith says:

    Haters gonna hate! Just because something isn’t right for you dosent mean you have to judge their actions! At least you are not homeless and you have made steps to better yourself! People are gonna judge that’s the fukked up society we live in today! And I’m sure most of the slut shaming is by some bitter ladies! Why exactly do women think they should hate all other women! Women are suppose to stick together! I say you go girl! Do what you do!

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