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10 Favorite Fashion Outfits Week 24

13 June 2014



1. Chanel Spring/Summer Pattern

I’m loving the colorful kinda 90’s inspired pattern by Chanel this season. Very popular with the Jet set Babes as I’ve seen it everywhere, on bags, dresses etc. This look reminds me of something Carrie Bradshaw would wear in an episode of Sex & The city during a hot summer day in New York city. I simply love the colors and the cut of this mini dress accompanied with the bright colored heels. And a gorgeous tan of course :)

Favorite Fashion Outfits



2. Black + Pink = 4-ever

When people ask me what’s my favorite color, I tell them I don’t know. But what I do know is my favorite color combination and that answer is: PINK + BLACK. Maybe it’s loving Agent Provocateur too much, but this color combo makes me go nuts for some reason. This outfit really hit me in my sensitive spot, I’m totally digging the mini shirt matched with a maxi skirt. So cool, I Love the colors and I love the combination!

Favorite Fashion Outfits



3. 50’s Brigitte Bardot Look

Another shirt, another great combo! What a simple but gorgeous look for summer. A pair of high waisted white shorts together with a simple white shirt tied in a knot making it look very 50’s Brigitte Bardot. Looove it. Anyone can pull this one off!

Favorite Fashion Outfits



4. Color yourself

Colors are very much the theme today, probably because it’s summer – and that’s what this season is all about! Now this gorgeous coat from Etro is simply amazing. Perfect to wear in Spring/Summer as the main piece when it get’s a bit chilly in the evening. I’m also loving the Manolo Blahnik Hangisi shoe in yellow I blogged about earlier, this version is with a very low heel – perfect when you just wanna be comfortable yet chic.

Favorite Fashion Outfits



5. Green Jumpsuit goes animal print

Correct me if I’m wrong, but this piece looks like a jumpsuit and I’m loving it! It has a perfect green tone to it, making it look fabulous matched with animal print accessories and a gorgeous tan. What I also like about this look is that the girls is covered up from head to toe, showing 0 skin yet look extremely gorgeous!

Favorite Fashion Outfits



6. 50’s Jump suit

From one jump suit to another, this one is one of my favorites as it reminds me again of something Brigitte Bardot would wear on the french riviera during the 50’s era. The off shoulder cut, the off white color and the very expensive look of it just feels SO Jet set Babe!

Favorite Fashion Outfits



7. The Chic Knitted Dress

Long knitted dresses are sooo much in style! I would actually say they never really go out of style, but the best ones are always the designer ones. I’m loving this burgundy dress matched with a nude Lady Dior and nude heels – what a perfect color combo for an after noon stroll in London.

Favorite Fashion Outfits



8. Tunic dress with sequins

I go nuts when I see sequins, especially if it’s on tunics that can be worn as dresses! Love love love. This dress is absolutely stunning, the color and unique design makes it act as a center piece – you don’t need much else to make the outfit look complete. Wear together with nude heels! Just perfect.

Favorite Fashion Outfits



9. An Elegant Cut

Sadly we cannot see the entire dress, but when I saw this photo I fell in love with the top part of the dress. How stunning isn’t the design of it? Looks so glamorous and stylish, very Jackie-O! Although this picture was shot for christmas, I feel a dress like this, especially in the off white color – can be worn all year round! Now I wonder who is the designer behind this stunning dress?

Favorite Fashion Outfits



10. 50’s inspired Dress

Again, 50’s – but it’s my favorite era so I will be promoting it as I think it’s one of the most stylish eras of modern times. Look at this gorgeous red dress, calf length and with the typical 50’s cut. Maybe a dress you won’t wear clubbing, but definitely on any strolls around town or when you meet your friends for a girly lunch.

Favorite Fashion Outfits



What outfit is your favorite?

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  1. heyjude2109 says:

    Outfit 5 is a great jumpsuit. Now I need to have her fit body to wear it. :)

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