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10 Favorite Fashion Outfits Week 19

09 May 2014



1. An Interesting Dress

What is better than finding a gorgeous, sexy dress which is so interesting and perfect on it’s own – You don’t really need to add anything to it?! This is exactly how I feel about this dress. It’s just so….perfect! On it’s own! Nothing else needed! And the fact that it’s nude colored with sequins & embroideries makes me go very excited.

Favorite Fashion Outfits


2. The Simple Smart Look

We think looking chic has to be an effort, but not really to be honest. Throwing in key elements like Chanel purse, Louboutins, black trousers and a Chanel jacket makes the entire look feel 100% even if the items it self are not very innovative. But it just works well all together!

Favorite Fashion Outfits


 3. The Floral Dress

I’m a big fan of Dolce & Gabbana this season as they have so many beautiful dresses with floral prints. It feels so “summer-y”! And the same as above, once you have an interesting piece on you, you don’t really need much else – and keeping things simple really works! (Well adding a pair of cool shades & Gianvito Rossi heels won’t hurt either 😉 )

Favorite Fashion Outfits


4. Orange worn with a Tan

Sorry for sounding brutal, but I’ve always HATED orange color with a passion. I couldn’t figure out how people could wear this hideous color  until I saw this outfit. Maybe it’s her dark hair color, maybe her tanned skin or she’s simply wearing a fantastic shade of orange – but this outfit totally rocks my boat! I love the entire look, even the combination of the orange bag without being too much!

Favorite Fashion Outfits


5. The Perfect Girl Look

What else can I say? This look is just perfect! This girl looks like the perfect girl with the perfect outfit – in the perfect color combination!!! Damn! Sometimes all you need is an interesting Alaïa skirt and a Hermès Kelly in your hand combined with a simply top & simple nude heels – and you’re good to go!

Favorite Fashion Outfits


6. Thinking outside the Box

True fashionistas are the ones who can really “think outside the box” with their style, like this girl below. I mean It would never cross my mind to buy a top of this kind, combine it with a skirt like this and add a pair of heels like that = to get something that looks so damn chic & interesting! I dress so boring in comparison with these people so I see an outfit like this as a true inspiration!

Favorite Fashion Outfits


7. The Romantic Maxi Dress

As you already know I loooove Maxi dresses, but it’s important to embrace the various styles of them. Nothing beats a perfect romantic maxi dress which doesn’t make you look sexy – but makes you look BEAUTIFUL (and that’s like the best feeling in the world.) This dress is so perfect with it’s color combination and embroidery, I waaaaaaant….

Favorite Fashion Outfits


8. The Elegant Dinner Look

Another interesting way of combining a maxi skirt together with a blazer, making it look like the most elegant dinner look ever! Look at the color of the silk skirt, what an amazing shade. It works so well with this jacket, again something I would never have thought of myself. Someone take me to fashion school ASAP please!! 😉

Favorite Fashion Outfits


9. All in One Color

You don’t necessarily need to mix and match color wise, sometimes it works so well just wearing everything in the same color but with slight different tones like this outfit. The reason I chose to present this outfit is because it looks so clean, cut & sleek. An interesting way of using colors & trousers without looking boring. I love it!

Favorite Fashion Outfits


10. Red + Nude = Mmmmm….

This is actually a color combination I sometimes do myself! Red bottom + Nude top = amazeballs! I usually do it with a pencil skirt, but she’s bold throwing on a pair of trousers instead which might work even better! I love the silky looking jacket thrown on top, she looks so sharp! I LOVE IT!!

Favorite Fashion Outfits


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