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28 June 2015


Motivational Quote


*Giving myself a slap on my face*

Time for a reality check….

- For f### sake, Wake up girl!!! 

That’s exactly what I told myself the other day when I started thinking about my life and my accomplishments.

It was one of those days when I was farting about at home, doing nothing, and started thinking about all those people similar to my age who have accomplished so much in life. Many of them are even younger than me, yet have managed to succeed in business and other aspirations.

And where am I? Still standing still in the initial phase. Square ONE!!!


Motivational Quote


Sure, I did loads of work in 2014 which put me half a step forward in my direction, but far from enough to even call an accomplishment.

2015 have been so far a lazy year where I’ve allowed myself to become distracted with all sorts of fun events in life.

Yet reality knocks on your door, asking;

- Hey girl, what if all these fun distractions in life would suddenly disappear, what would you be left with?

The answer is: Nothing. Only Me standing still at square one with a pocket full of dreams and plans.


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And one day this is exactly what will happen. Life is not a constant flow of fun things going on. It’s like the wheel of fortune; sometimes the wheel is rolling to your advantage, but then there are times when you would have wished that you’ve had a plan B. Having some form of safety net for when life is going against you!

I want to create myself.

I want to reach for my dream and grab it. Feel it. Be it.

I’m sick of always talking about it, day dreaming about it.

I need to do it. Just fucking do it!


Motivational Quote


I’ve decided to bring my A-game back to action. 

I’m sick of my lazy self and I need to start being productive

- in a serious manner!!!

“Getting some computer work done” is not enough anymore. It has taken me absolutely nowhere, so I need to step up this game.



I’m serious. I need to handle this way more professional than I did in 2014.

I’m going to sit down now and write down a SERIOUS action plan, with all the pointers – no matter how frightening they feel – towards achieving my dream – and then?


There is no other “key” or solution to success rather than: 

1. Getting your shit done.

2. Getting all the shit done.

3. Not miss out on any single shit detail that needs to be done.

4. Including those annoying and scary shit!

5. Simply stop being a lazy bitch and get even more shit done!!



Sorry for all the swearing in this post. But I’m so frustrated with myself and angry for being back in my safe comfort zone doing absolutely nothing of value. I can’t accept the fact that I’m still not where I want to be in life, it makes me angry to be honest.

But I need to use this anger to produce something to my advantage, so right now it’s firing up my ass to take on Part 2 of my mission towards achieving my dream life.

And actually. The first quote of this post is exactly how I feel and what is motivating me right now. The fact that I’m still not where I want to be in life should be enough motivation – HELL YEAH!!! It is and I’m not gonna let it slip through my fingers this easy.

It’s time for Miss-Let’s-Get-Some-Serious-Shit-Done to go lose. I’m rolling up my sleves as I speak and honestly just about to dig in to the juicy mess that’s awaiting. Can’t wait. Because I can’t deal with another second of being on SQUARE ONE, stuck like a total loser. SO LET’S DOT THIS!!!!!


Motivational Quote

 P.S. And no. Just because it’s peak summer season and “so much fun shit going on” is not an excuse to put the real life on hold with it’s aspirations. I’m sorry but everyday should be dedicated at least 30 minutes towards your dream life. Standing still and doing nothing is the worst you can do to yourself. I’m going on holiday tomorrow for a few days, but I’m still brining my laptop to keep my brain active and productive. I need to have this going now for me other wise I will wake up one day 80 years old, asking myself what the fuck happened to my plans and dreams?!?!!!


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Lingerie talk

28 June 2015


Luxury Lingerie


Let’s talk about Lingerie, girls…

Questions to all of you out there;

  • Do you buy expensive lingerie to use frequently?
  • What brands do you like?
  • Do you always make sure to match bra’s with bottoms?


Luxury Lingerie


I personally love expensive brands, but I rarely buy them! For everyday, I use panties bought from high street shops, because I tend to throw away my underwear after a year of usage. It would feel pointless investing in some delicate La Perla knowing the trash can is waiting by the time next year.

Bra-wise I tend to spend much more, especially if it’s for everyday use. I fint it important to get a bra with a good fit and with comfortable material, but which will also last me a while (and many washings!).



All together I would say that I don’t really pay attention matching my bra’s with bottoms on an everyday basis (well… If I’m wearing a white bra I make sure I at least wear white underwear, but I never bother using the same “series”).

However If I’m going out at night or know I will be in male company, I certainly make more effort using the best stuff in my lingerie wardrobe and everything to be matching of course :).



Expensive brands I personally like:

Agent Provocateur

Stella Mccartney

La Perla

Heidi Klum Intimates


Chantall Thomas

…and many others…


High street brands: H&M, La Senza, Calzedonia, Intimissimi, Ann Summers.












How about you?


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26 June 2015



I belong to the category of women who shaves. Unfortunately.

It’s due to lack of time, patience and the strength of being in pain every 3rd week at a wax salon. Some girls use epilators, but that scares the sh#t out of me. I guess shaving has always been the easiest and fastest way out, however not the most efficient of course.

As we get older and shave more, we keep getting thicker and more messed up hairs. From the root it can sometimes grow more than 1 hair, and often you get silky legs for only a limited amount of hours before they turn themselves in to cactuses.

That’s the reason why I’ve decided to start waxing again.




Sugaring has been on the market for the past 15 years and it’s a different type of waxing solution. It is said to be a more comfortable way of hair removal because the wax adapts to your body temperature. The risk is lower of getting in grown hairs or hairs being cut off from the root, which is great!

Today was my appointment to do full legs & a Brazilian – and damn did I forget how much it hurts having hair ripped away from your private parts. It honestly felt like I was giving birth or similar, that’s how much I had to focus on my breathing and not to scream like a crazy bitch. 2 hours later it was over *halleluja moment* :D .




They say the first 2 times will hurt terribly when you wax, but 3rd time and onwards it will feel much better as your hair start to become softer and finer. But it will only happen if you stop shaving and go back every 3rd week to keep it up, which I’m actually serious about doing.

Although today was like going through hell, I’m up for this challenge.




Funny enough it learned me an important lesson, and that is how to deal with pain. It’s all in the mind in the end, and you can actually control your reactions to a certain extend by various techniques and I’m eager to discover them now with this new challenge :)


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