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Strategy for aspiring Jet set Babes

22 October 2014


Strategy to become a Jet set Babe


It is of benefit to relocate to a jet set city if you want to become a successful Jet set Babe due to the wide range of opportunities. (You can read my post here about how it works to move to another country.)

But of course, not everyone want or is able to relocate.

You might live in a small town or a non happening city dreaming about the fun you see Jet set Babes are having.

You do not care about the dark sides I have written about before, you want to experience the jet set life on your own – yet you do not know where to start!

You have no contacts and no friends in the jet set world – what to do?


Strategy to become a Jet set Babe


I do have a beginner strategy to share with you today, it’s a strategy I have noticed that seems to be working especially if you are new to the scene.

Some girls I have met throughout the years always say how they have made their best contacts when they are travelling – and I will agree on that one!

Let me present:


Work hard in Winter – Play in Summer.


Strategy to become a Jet set Babe


Work really hard for 9-10 months at your day job, let’s say from September until May.

Live modest, save every penny and do extra hours if possible.

Unless you have a descent job of course with a descent salary where you can save yet live a normal lifestyle. :)


Strategy: Save up money so you can take 3 months off and travel to south of Europe in summer.


Quit your job if necessary, but make sure you will be able to find a new job without problems once summer is over. (I do not want to give advice to people who end up jobless and struggling. Quit only if you really know that the job market allows that and that you have a good cv to find a new job. September is also a hiring month so should not be a problem)


Strategy to become a Jet set Babe


Your goal is to be able to not work, only travel from mid may until end of august on your savings.

You could decide to either pick 1 or 2 destinations where you would spend the entire summer, or you could travel to most of the hotspots where you know the fun would be at.


Strategy to become a Jet set Babe


Your itinerary could look something like this if you decide to travel about:

You start mid may in Cannes for 2 weeks (film festival).

June you spend in Ibiza for all the opening parties.

July & August are very happening in St Tropez, Porto Cervo, Ibiza, Mykonos if you are travelling alone and want to meet new people. Cannes, Monaco, Amalfi coast, Capri, Santorini, Marbella etc are good picks too although I would not prioritise them.


Strategy to become a Jet set Babe


So why this intense 3 month trip when you could be going for several normal holidays throughout the year, doing the same thing?

If you are new to the jet set world and want to get your foot in (while still living in that small town where nothing is happening) – then it is easier for you to gain contacts like this.

If you just tourist about for one week here, one week there plus a few weekend trips – it will not give you that opportunity to make contacts.


Strategy to become a Jet set Babe


Contacts are key is you want to be a successful Jet set Babe!


The beauty with south of Europe in summer is that ALL international jet setters go there for vacation.

Even if you are based outside Europe, I would recommend to go to Europe rather than staying where you are.

As you start to mingle, getting to know people you will notice that the jet set world is actually not that big, and you will keep seeing the same people over and over again.

That is of benefit to you, because they will notice you too – and that is the way forward when you want to build your first connections.


Strategy to become a Jet set Babe


For this reason it is advisable to do the entire summer season in Europe, because you will be in the middle of all the happenings and get the chance to spend more time with the people you meet, making deeper bonds!

It is a golden opportunity for networking!

Remember, doing it intensely is to gather momentum which is of interest especially if you are not connected from the start.

Your aim is to become connected so an intense crash course like this is to recommend!

Once summer is over you can go back to your small town, stay in touch with all the people you met on your trips and go visit them when opportunity arise.

Many Jet set Babes do like this even if they are not beginners anymore but are comfortable with having a home base and then simply travel back and forth.


Strategy to become a Jet set Babe


If you are worried with regards to financing 3 months of travel like this – I would tell you to not worry.

Most important thing to cover is accommodation.

You might not afford staying 3 months in different hotels, but I would advice to find somewhere to rent through AirBnB or rent a room in someones house making it more affordable.


Strategy to become a Jet set Babe


Although you should not fully rely on it, but there is always a chance that you will get to know people on your trip that will invite you to stay with them in villas, yachts etc making the costs for accommodation to go drastically down. 

Other expenses like night life, food, transport etc is hard to estimate. Like mentioned above, you will get to know so many people who will be inviting you out, covering many of these expenses.

But you should always have a plan B, incase luck will not be on your side!


Strategy to become a Jet set Babe


How much money to save up?


Try with at least € 3k and see how long it will take you. Again if you are lucky you might manage an entire summer on this money – or if you are less lucky you might have to go home after half the time.

If you want to play it safe then € 6k is something you will survive on incase luck is not on your side. But then again, it all depends on how you spend your money.

Im only considering basic living with nights out, simple accommodation and no extravagant shopping. The rest is up to you.

Keep in mind that South of Europe is expensive as it will be peak season, all prices will be high. But there are many ways around how to tourist on a shoestring even if you are an aspiring Jet set Babe (which does not include any foul play ;) )


Strategy to become a Jet set Babe


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