London baby

22 May 2015




I’m in London since a few days back. Will be spending almost 2 weeks here, visiting all my friends that I have missed.

Unfortunately I’ve gotten myself slightly sick because of the cold weather for this time of the year. I was not prepared for it to be so cold, or maybe I’ve not acclimatised myself yet from the warm weather of south east Asia :)

While I’m here I’m planning to only meet up my friends for lunches, brunches and dinners, but no party! I’m so not in the mood to go out in the London night life because to be honest I don’t find it that great anyway. The only interesting places to go to are the members clubs but I can’t be bothered this time around.

Today I went to see my psychic in the morning, then a stroll at Harrods and lunch at Zuma. Going to have a quiet evening at my friends house tonight, as I have caught a terrible cold and need to be in good shape for Ibiza next week :)

Happy Friday to everyone!


London Streetstyle


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Work Out Motivation

Morning chores

15 May 2015



God bless being jet-lagged!

I’m waking up at 5 am and go to sleep at 9 pm, perfect! Just the way I like it. 

I’m also back to juicin, which I have missed. Although I was able to juice every other day while traveling, it was still not the same as making your own juices.


Morning Routine


Now there are 2 things I’ve been terrible with during my trips, and that’s 1. Work out routine 2. Meditation.

The exercise part has been extremely irregular.

Those times when I lived on the beach and did not party much, I used to go for my morning runs. But that’s pretty much where it all stopped.

Then there were too many late nights involved and I just gave it all up. Shame! I need to get back on the wagon again.



The meditation part is one of the most important tools to keep my mind balanced.

While traveling and being surrounded by people 24/7, I find it very hard to relax, go in to myself and to actually sit down and be still.

There was just too much going on all the time. It’s there for extremely important for me to start meditating again and to actually make it a regular thing.



To summarize, I’m realizing that this summer I will continue to be on the road, hence need to sort out a way to incorporate work out and meditation in a regular routine of mine.

It’s way easier said than done, especially when you have plenty of distractions in your life.

How do you girls manage to keep your routine balanced when being on the go or having a hectic life?


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Back in Europe

14 May 2015



I’m back home! Wow, I can’t believe 3 months ago I began this trip and now it’s kind of over.

Or is it? Maybe this is just the beginning :)

So much has happened in the past 3 months, I’m still amazed how life just changed course all of a sudden, thanks to a simple decision I took when I was sad and depressed in London.



And life becomes pretty damn great when you take action upon it, and decide to reach for your goal no matter what’s in the way. I planned this trip for a while, and I did my savings, calculations etc – but there was still a big risk involved. The risk of “will I run out of money?” “will I make friends?” “will I be safe?” etc haunting in the back of my mind.



Because I decided to gamble, and because my intuition was telling me: just do it and let go of the worries to the universe. It helped. This trip has been the best trip I’ve ever done and I feel God has been very, very good to me. Call it luck or law of attraction, but I’ve attracted some pretty amazing people in to my life on this trip. And that has been the sugar, the icing and the cherry on this cake. :)

Now the summer chapter is about to start. I am back home at my parents for a week before I head over to London to visit my friends, then Ibiza and so on.



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