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July 2014



Ramona Filip

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Who is this stylish woman from Instagram, inspiring thousands of followers with her fashion & elegant style?


Her name is Ramona Filip:

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This is Ramona Filip,

One of my favorite fashionistas on Instagram right now! I love her sense of fashion and the amazing outfits she compile, it’s such inspiration to check everyday what Ramona is wearing, I can’t get enough! :) Follow her on instagram: @ramonfilip

Ramona Filip

Who is Ramona Filip?

She is not only a stunning fashionista on Instagram, she is also a Fashion Designer of her own label “Ramon Filip”. She designs beautiful haute couture evening gowns and luxurious purses. Everything is just as chic as Ramona herself and you can often spot her wearing her own creations!

Besides being a talent in fashion, Ramona is a mother of two beautiful children; George (9) & Nicole (6). The entire family (plus their labrador Kanouk) lives together in Nicosia in Cyprus where Ramona has been living since 1999 – originally Ramona is from Romania.

On her free time she enjoys spending time with her family, travel & do sports such as tennis & waterskiing. A great way to stay fit yet have fun at the same time!

Ramona Filip

Ramona with her husband


Ramona & Fashion


Ramonas favorite designers are Givenchy, Balmain, Stella McCartney & YSL. Like mentioned earlier, Ramona does wear her own designs a lot, but she still likes to mix & match with other designer pieces or high street brands like Zara, Mango or anything else that catches her attention. Her motto is to play around with fashion without taking it too seriously, and she prefers quality over quantity.

Her fashion brand “Ramon Filip” has already become an award winning brand when Ramona received the “Best Designer of the Year 2009″ award at the Madame Figaro Women of the year awards. To find out more about the talented work of Ramona & her creations please visit:




July 2014





July 2014



Learn To Handle Your Emotions

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How to deal with emotions

Finally Saturday! During this entire week I’ve been an emotional Duracell bunny, fighting battles with all those feelings that started to evoke since I got interested in this guy. (tell you later)

Unfortunately my “problem” is that I’m naturally a very emotional character,

so when applying strong emotions like love – It becomes a little bit too much for me to handle. Inside me starts this heavy roller coaster ride of tornado like emotions going crazy and pretty much all over the place. I have NO control what so ever.

How to deal with emotions

I therefor become a little bit of a freak, and although it’s a constant battle of keeping everything under control (I fail miserably each time of course) – everything turns out to become a whole big mess of suffering for myself instead of enjoying the ride & playing it cool.

This is the reason why I don’t enjoy dating, because it brings too much emotional stress for me I rather avoid. And forget playing games, that’s emotional suicide for me!

How to deal with emotions

Recently I started getting enough of this situation as It feels like a handicap to be honest with you. There was a time when I thought I had borderline because of this, but since this was the only symptom, I understood that some people are just born being more in tune with their emotional energy and some people never properly learned how to deal with it.

I’m clearly one of those people. 

The new quest for myself became to learn how to deal with my emotional self. And although I’ve just started practicing it, I have a few good tips to share with you if you also have this same issue:

  • Don’t try to suppress your emotions

Blocking emotions, suffocating them etc IS NOT the way forward when you wish to control whats going on inside you. This really just make everything 100x worse, as blocked emotional energy does not just disappear – it is actual “real energy” within us that has to end up somewhere. Usually it turns itself in to negative energy/physical pain/sickness or it goes down the self destruction road. (The last one has been my cup of tea)

How to deal with emotions

  • Find a healthy way to release emotional load

Men are recommended to sport (gym) on a daily basis to release the necessary amount of testosterone they have in order to stay balanced. The same principle applies for people with a lot of emotional energy.

It may however not necessarily be about sports, but it can for example be a creative activity. Usually very creative people have an overload of emotional energy and that’s simply their gift to be used in their creativity.

Find something that let’s you express yourself naturally and unload that heavy pile of energy. For me it’s dancing & writing. For other people it can be painting, singing, acting etc. Even other “less creative” hobbies count as it’s all about when you feel in contact with your emotional self and actually feel a release happening. (Netflix does not count).

Do this on a regular basis to keep an emotional balance within yourself. You will feel the difference even if you so just do it once a week!

How to deal with emotions

  • Meditate

Yes, I’m gonna be boring and pull out the meditation card – but oh my has meditation changed my life to the better! Before I could suffer from panic attacks or other heavy emotional blow outs, but I haven’t had any of them since I started meditating. If I feel for instance a heavy shit storm coming, I simply sit down to meditate before it even hits me, to ground and center myself.

It works each time. I used this technique through out an entire break up process actually which worked great! When feeling the sadness or separation anxiety coming I sat down to meditate and stabilize everything making me feel perfectly fine after.

How to Deal with emotional energy

Besides making yourself more grounded and centered, what you do in meditation is simply observing but not reacting to whatever emotion that is paying you a visit. As you disassociate your self from these emotions, you understand that you’re not bound to them. When they come for a visit you actually have a choice to let them in to your house or simply not opening the door.

By not opening the door, just observing them as they knock on it – you will notice they will leave after a little while. This is the law of universe, nothing lasts forever. Even feelings depart – “this too shall pass” but your job is not to react.

Please notice, meditation does take practice so don’t give up. But if you can try and get in to it you will really benefit in the long run!

As this is a very important topic for me, I will be continuing my research in how to go about this emotional roller coaster. If you recognize yourself in this please share or if you have any questions I’m always happy to help.