I’m Alive

26 April 2015



I’m actually alive guys :)

Sorry for the long break, but wow did my life get busy all of a sudden being on the road and all that.

So what has happened?

I’ve been more less 24/7 with someone at all times, hence the silence. There has simply not been any time or motivation to open up my laptop when so much fun things has been going on.



Plus I’ve also been busy in male company. A person I’ve strongly grown a lot of feelings for. I’ve been travelling a lot recently because of this and it’s been very hard to find some proper time for myself and all those things that I usually spend time doing. But it’s okay, because god have I enjoyed every second of my life :)



Now I’m actually back in BALI! I arrived yesterday and I’m for the first time in months ALONE – which feels great, because I need some time to myself to get slowly back to reality.

I have only 2 weeks left before I’m heading back to Europe, and I’ve strongly felt Bali was going to be the end destination where I wanted to unwind before I close my South East Asia chapter this time around.



I’m definitely ready to come back to Europe and enjoy the amazing european summer (there is just nowhere else in the world you would like to be during this time). I have a fun summer schedule planned so I’m really looking forward to it all! There will be a lot of travelling planned so I can’t wait! Life is beautiful and I have a lot to catch up on from the break I took last year!



…And with regards to the blog. I have finally the time now, so no more silence. I promise. :) I’m getting back to reality now which involves a lot of computer work ;)


Jet set Babe Travel Blog


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Fashion Inspiration

White season

04 April 2015


Spring is here and summer is just around the corner!

Finally a time to bring out all those light colours and white clothing. Although I like the essence of black, and the chicness it adds to the aura, there is something about white that lights up the entire mood of a person.

I love wearing light coloured clothes, the only problem is the maintenance, as me being a piggy – my white clothes usually don’t last me very long. But hey, everything good in life has a prize, right? :)


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Stuck in Phuket

31 March 2015



I can’t believe I’m still in Phuket. I’ve been here over 2 weeks and my initial plan to stop by for a few days only. But I guess it was all thanks to the new friends I made that made me get comfortably stuck here.

Now I feel it’s time to make a serious move as I can’t do another week here, it would be a waste of the remaining time I have here in Asia. 1.5 months left before I’m heading back to Europe, I can’t believe I’m already traveling for 2 months! Time flies when you have fun! It’s not a cliché! :)


Phuket, Thailand


I am however loving South East Asia to the point that I feel I would like to come back here very soon again. It’s hard to plan life but I hope to have the opportunity to pay a visit later this year.

All I can say, and all I keep reminding myself each day; Thank god I took the decision last year to quit my job, go travel and just see what happens! So far it’s been working out really great, and I’m not stressing about the future anymore! Life is awesome!



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