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Why bother being a Trophy wife

24 October 2014


Trophy Wife


 Before I could understand girls who are searching for a rich husband, it is a pretty damn convenient way to take in life! Especially if you are broke and too lazy to sort out your financial future.

I mean really, It is such an easy road to take, and you do not even need to look like a model in order to succeed. You just do your homework, prep yourself and start hunting down every millionaire you cross path with.


Trophy Wife


You attract him with your looks and sex appeal, keep him always wanting more until you finally seal the deal – BAM – you’re sorted.

You may be lucky enough to marry him, give birth to a few kids (great insurance – hello child support, hello alimony!) and your life being a trophy wife is very comfortable having beauty treatments & shopping sprees as your main occupation.

#win :)


Trophy Wife


The reason why I could understand this “goal” before is because of this quote:

“Money can’t buy happiness, but it can make you awfully comfortable while you’re being miserable”


Trophy Wife


While I was hating my life, hating my job, hating my financial situation I could totally understand girls who chose to take the easy way out.

It is damn better being a “stay at home trophy wive” doing jack s##t rather than prostituting your soul at a job you hate – being both miserable and broke!

At least the trophy wives are not broke.

They might be miserable, but it is easily fixed with a little bit of retail therapy. (hey, it is not called that for nothing, why do you think all these women shop like maniacs? Shopaholic does have a deeper psychological meaning to it rather than what people call it “fashionista”). 


Trophy Wife


For some reason, I have never been able to walk this path myself.

And I am not trying to glorify myself here.

No, believe me – at times I have been wanting to take the easy way out because of the amount of misery I have felt within myself.

And I know I probably could have if I truly wanted to. But something in me has always made me to be put off by that lifestyle.


Trophy Wife


Sure it glimmers and it looks absolutely fabulous – in some cultures it is even classified as the absolute peak of your life if you manage to marry rich! Hooray!

But I know what I am truly obsessed about in life, and that weighs more than money:


That is Freedom.


Freedom to do whatever I want in life.


Trophy Wife


I know that there is no freedom if you marry rich. It sure may seem like it because you do not need to wake up to some shitty job each morning.

But you are still tied in chains to someones wallet. 

You are never free enough to say fuck you, I am breaking up with you – to the guy who is paying for your lifestyle.


Trophy Wife



Who will you be without his wallet?


How will you feel going back to the lifestyle you originally came from?

Will it be worth giving up that luxury lifestyle?

…Or would you rather shut your mouth, smile and let him do whatever he wants in your relationship?

Tell me?


Trophy Wife


Rich men know this of course.

And many of them take advantage of their golden positioning in the relationship.

They feel “wtf I am working my ass off while she is enjoying spending my money, fuck yeah she has to listen to what I say. What is she gonna do if we break up? She does not have her own money and I’m not going to pay for her once she leaves”.

Not a an uncommon phrase.


Trophy Wife


The man will always have the upper hand in the relationship – he has the dollars and you are just the pretty face who got it all for free.


Women of this kind rather sell their freedom than build their own wealth.


They give away their freedom so that they can live a pointless lifestyle filled with shopping sprees, beauty treatments and being lazy.

But taking action in their own hands, building their personal financial future  – yeah that is too much effort for them. sigh….


Business Babe


I am never going to go back to my miserable life before, doing something I hate.

I believe we do not have enough time in our lives to spend it doing what does not make us happy.

For this reason, I would also never take the “easy road”, finding myself a wealthy wallet – because those chains would suffocate me just as much!


Trophy Wife


I want freedom, I crave freedom – I do not want to be chained down to anyone!

Not to any Bosses or Rich Boyfriends!

I have two strong legs I can stand on my own with.

I have two hands I can create anything possible with.

I have one brain that is fully functioning,

I can there for fill my own wallet if I put all these elements together.


Business Babe


Business Babe is stronger than ever – Nobody puts baby in a corner!

Being in power, being in freedom has never felt better and I will make sure to keep on walking this path even those days it is a struggle!

It is not always an easy ride – but at least it is easier in the long run being in total control of my life rather than having someone controlling me.


Trophy Wife


As always, none of the people in these images have anything to do with the text. And there are exceptions to couples of this kind who live 100% happy & on genuine terms, just to clarify that I do not mean every one is like this. But unfortunately a majority does.


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