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How to Network during Cannes Film Festival

28 January 2015




My friend and I just booked to go to Cannes this year for the Film Festival! Your blog says it’s a great way to meet people and maybe get involved in the Jetset life :)

Are there any tips you might have that will help get us noticed? I feel like there will be SO many people and our chances might be slim?
We plan on going out every day and looking our absolute best at all times as well as networking and talking to as many people as possible.

But what additional advice would you have if you have done this yourself? Is it possible for girls to go there in hope of meeting other jetsetters but to go home disappointed? What experiences have you had?


The true story of Cannes film festival


My reply:bottomline


I do want to encourage people with no contacts to visit Cannes during the film festival, even though like you say, there will be A LOT of people around and “loads of competition”. Because it’s a fantastic opportunity to create fun memories plus meet interesting people.

But be prepared to start from the bottom, by doing your thing without any expectations. The chances are very small you will end up at some prestige screening of a movie, the awards or other important functions. Unless you get very lucky of course.

When you go to Cannes as a beginner, the best way is to start where it’s easiest to make contacts. That will obviously be where people are partying, and often in the mainstream night clubs.



So where to go?bottomline


  • Visit Nikki Beach during the day. Yes, it might be all about tacky partying but you’re there on a mission to make new contacts,  and here you can find some fun characters! Most of the people are usually the non film industry kind of guys, but rather come to Cannes with their yachts to have a party. It’s easy to mingle here and a must as a day time activity to try and sort your evenings out (invitation wise).


    And how to get in? Go there when there is no cue, and you simply tell the bouncer your friends are inside as they have a table. Can’t guarantee it works, but worth a try. Just be confident! (Same goes for the other clubs btw).



  • Baoli for drinks or dinner (or even dancing if you wish). Make this your main choice for the earlier evening activity as it’s a popular place for the “Nikki Beach type of guys” to pay a visit.
    Again, you might not run in to the A-listers and film industry crowd, but on the other hand as a beginner the chances are small you will do so at all during your first time in Cannes. But Baoli is a great place to network at because everyone who is in Cannes for fun, goes here.




  • Go clubbing at Gotha or Vip room. But preferably Gotha. Okay, so clubs are not the best places to look for quality contacts at, but when you don’t have any other options, you gotta spend your nights somewhere! And the rich people come here at night and even celebrities, so no matter what, it will be a fun experience.


    And as you know, night clubs are super easy to network in, almost too easy. The perfect spot if you want to find a cool after party on a yacht or villa to crash.

    Yacht Party


  • Spend as much time as possible circulating the 5 star hotels. With this I mean, go to their day time beach clubs (if accessible to the public for a fee), pay their restaurants a visit, go to their lobby bar’s for drinks.

    As an example, the Carlton is a typical “hub” where many people tend to gather, and you can go there any time and bump in to anyone!

    When I was in Cannes, I was at Carlton every single day, several times as well. In the end it became “my toilet” whenever I was about on the croisette and needed to freshen up in the bathroom. :) But hey, I met loads of people at Carlton while circulating this much.



    Also make a day trip to Antibes and grab a lunch at Hotel du Cap-Eden-Roc. All the A-listers, VIP’s and best events are there!



  • Just be out and about everywhere! I’ve mentioned the most common places, but there are more up-scale venues than just these. It’s when you’re circulating or strolling about that the random magic tend to happen. Someone starts talking to you or you bump in to someone.


    Go to places which seem jet set. Take your strolls on the croisette, check out the yachts by the marina or visit designer shops.



What to do?bottomline


  • Look your absolute best at all times! Unfortunately, your looks will often decide your “luck” in terms of networking. But also your attitude of course. Be your best self, be positive and outgoing.
  • Don’t be obsessed about hunting down contacts. People sense desperation and it puts them off! Be open to the possibilities but go to Cannes mainly to enjoy yourself with your friend. The rest is secondary.
  • Whenever you make a contact that seems legit, always take the opportunity to ask what their doing later, if they know of any good parties or events to visit. This is to open up a door for a potential invite, done in a non obvious manner.



  • Come prepared with a 3G connection and Whatsapp, as this will be your main tool for keeping in touch with everyone you meet. I was using data roaming from my sim card from home, and sure, I had a bill to pay when I got home but it was worth it. The point is that you will otherwise feel very restricted if you don’t make use of the numbers you gather. It’s important that you follow up with people and stay in touch with them as much as possible! (Without over doing it of course)
  • Give people a chance! Sometimes you get approached by guys who you immediately would like to categorise as “losers” but I think it’s important not to judge too fast and give everyone a chance. Let your intuition guide you away from bullshitters and time wasters.



  • Stay researching! Whenever you speak to people always ask what they have been up to, where they have been, what they recommend etc. Keep yourself up to date with “the latest” of what’s going on in Cannes as it will give you insight of where to go yourself!
  • Make female contacts too! Although working in pairs is the most efficient ways to get by in Cannes, making friends with other girls should not be an exclusion. You never know how you can help each other out in what ways, and don’t think only male connections can benefit you with invites to fun events. So do girls if they have good connections!




Do any of you have anything else to add or recommend?


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DietHolistic Living

Food, Health & Environmental Documentaries

27 January 2015



We say we want to change our eating habits, lose weight and make the world a better place – but for some reason we are always “too busy” “too lazy” or “will start on Monday”.

I’ve been procrastinating my health and eating habits my entire life time. Getting down to action just felt like too much of a pain in the ass.

But after I came across and watched all of the documentaries on Netflix about food, health and the environment, a big shift happened in me.



They completely opened my eyes, spoke the truth and I got myself a reality check after the other.  I truly felt for the first time ever that I couldn’t continue with my unhealthy eating habits because I finally understood what I was actually feeding myself. And I got really put off.

Like I have mentioned in the post about Olesya Malinskaya’s eating habits, if you really want to change your health, you need to do a lifestyle change just the way she did. And to actually feel the motivation for making a lifestyle change, you need to educate yourself with true facts. You need to watch some documentaries that will explain things you should be aware of. I can guarantee after watching a few you will get second thoughts of what it is you are actually doing to your body.

Here are the most popular documentaries about food, health and the environment. Watch and get inspired to change your life once and for all.



Food Inc Documentary

Food Incbottomline

About what we eat and how it really gets produced.

Watch here



Hungry for Change Documentary


Hungry for a changebottomline

Learn about diet industry’s deceptive strategies designed to keep people from losing and keeping off weight. This documentary changed my view on processed foods forever.

Watch Here


Forks over Knives Documentary


Forks over knivesbottomline

If you are only planning to watch one documentary, then this one is the absolute must. Get the insights to why we get cancer plus other diseases and how it’s linked to our diet.

Watch Here




Got the facts on Milk Documentary


Got the facts on milkbottomline

This documentary was one of the ones Olesya Malinskaya watched that I mentioned in this post, which made her change her eating habits forever. This documentary questions the health benefits of diary products.




Food Matters Documentary


Food Mattersbottomline

This documentary about nutrition teaches you that a selective diet can play a key role in treating a range of health conditions such as diabetes, cancer, heart disease and depression, often substituting for medical treatment. F

urthermore, it tends to label the medical industry as a “sickness industry”, which profits more from treating the symptoms of illness than curing the illness.

The film accuses the medical and pharmaceutical industries of a general conspiracy to perpetuate poor health in order to maximize profits.

Watch Here




Vegucated Documentary



Three omnivorous New Yorkers agree to follow a vegan diet for six weeks.




GMO OMG Documentary


GMO OMGbottomline

A father examines the relationship between genetically modified food and his three young children.

Watch Here




A place at the table Documentary


A place at the tablebottomline


An examination of the issue of hunger in America focuses on the plight of three individuals from different parts of the country who struggle to find adequate nutrition.




Fresh Documentary



New ways to think about how and what people eat.




Fed-Up Documentary

Fed upbottomline

Filmmaker Stephanie Soechtig and journalist Katie Couric investigate how the American food industry may be responsible for more sickness than previously realised.

Watch Here




Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead


Fat, sick and nearly deadbottomline

Morbidly obese and stricken with an autoimmune disease, a man endeavors to drink only fruit and vegetable juice for 60 days in an effort to lose weight and reclaim his health. A documentary that inspired me to start juicing, and I have not stopped ever since! It has changed my life to the better.


Fat, sick and nearly dead 2bottomline

The second documentary in the same juicing theme, goes more behind the theme “what happened after” and “how to maintain that weight loss and make that lifestyle to make a permanent change.”

Watch Here




Seeds of Death Documentary


Seeds Of Deathbottomline

This film exposes the dangers of genetically modified foods and features leading scientists, physicians, professors, attorneys and activists. 







Filmmaker Shaun Monson exposes the suffering endured by animals at factory farms, research labs, puppy mills and more. A must to watch for anyone who claims to be a true animal lover.







The truth about the food and dairy industry.

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Back to memory lane

25 January 2015



The theme of my weekend has been; Nostalgia.


I’ve been so caught up in my past, I haven’t had a chance to blog and be in the present.

On Saturday I met up with my childhood friends, who go all the way back to the kinder garden times. It was nice seeing them both, one has got a child already, which made me feel a little bit old.

We stayed talking memories for almost 6 hours non stop in a coffeeshop, time flew, but it was so great catching up with people who I’ve known for so long.

I guess that put me in some kind of nostalgic mode, the rest of the weekend.



Remember I’ve mentioned about my “Back up project”. Well, this weekend I continued working with Step 2: Gathering all my paper photos and scanning them.

This is quite a big project, but SO necessary. Because I’ve created folders on my backup with each year I’ve been alive, most of the early years are totally empty because it was before the digital camera time. So scanning these photos and gathering them all together is a very important project. And it takes time!

Today I spent from morning until midnight, going through everything and scan. I’m half way through I think, so I’ll do more over the coming week.



But. This memory lane weekend has been difficult on an emotional level. I’ve cried many times, especially while going through old photos.

It’s been painful coming across pictures of my previous pets and horses, who all have passed away now unfortunately. It makes me sad knowing that I will never get the chance to see them again, to smell them or just to touch them. I really miss everyone, they brought me so much joy in my childhood. If only I could travel back in time, just to be with them one more time… :(



But this nostalgic weekend has also given me a big reality check.

“Fuck… Time is just running away…” 

Now I’m realising how important it is to really value what’s going on right now, because eventually, today will just be a memory on a photo you will store on your backup. The past is always forever gone.



The theme of my year 2015 is mindfulness, and I think the universe sent me this weekend to really make me aware. To really understand the importance of why we need to really be living in the moment.

So this is what I will focus on now. Less smart phones, less wasted online time and just be present with those simple but beautiful things I have around me. Because one day, I will look back on all this which I’m taking for granted now, with tears in my eyes and be just as nostalgic as I’ve been this weekend.

Because this is life. It’s not forever. 


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