Can anyone recommend a good camera?

18 December 2014



Can anyone recommend me a good compact camera?

While I’m working on all the current tech issues of the website I thought of taking this opportunity to ask if anyone can recommend me a good compact camera that has built in wifi?

I need to buy one for my upcoming trip but also because I’d like to post a few photos here on the blog :) .

The ones I’ve been looking at so far are:

Canon Powershot G7 X

Panasonic Lumix TZ60


The camera must have wifi, be fairly small, easy to use (I’m terrible when it comes to manual settings) and take good quality photos even at night time.

Any suggestions? :)


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Technical issues NOT fixed

18 December 2014


Hi guys, I know there are problems with the site from time to time. These technical issues are not yet fixed and I’m working hard on it so everything goes back to normal soon. I’m not always able to access the site myself, meaning not able to post! And I know some of you also get problems accessing the site so please bare with me until this is fixed. Thank you. <2

Fashion Inspiration

White Winter

17 December 2014



Will we get a white christmas here up north?


Or will the only white I’ll see this year will be these gorgeous outfits worn by Jet set Babes?

Never underestimate the beauty of wearing white during winter season – it’s a colour that works all year round, not only during summer! And it’s good to lighten up a bit during these dark months, at least if you live in a cold country :)




White Winter Fashion Streetstyle





Match white with pastel colours like pink or purple, or why not go classic like Chanel and mix white with black details. All inspired from the pictures above.

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