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My first 6 months in freedom

01 February 2015



It’s been over 6 months since I left my job. Time flies, but I guess that’s what happens when you truly enjoy life again.

I clearly remember the Monday – Friday feeling of forcing myself up from bed, acting like a robot the entire day just so I could get my reward by going home so I could sleep and wake up doing the same depressing routine all over again.

What a waste of precious time;

When you’re doing something just because you need the money to survive.

The prostitution of the soul, how weird that this type of prostitution is not taboo? That it’s on the other hand extremely encouraged by parents & school system, because the world needs it’s robots to make the economy go around.

Go to that job you hate so that you can afford buying things that won’t make you happy, follow an illusion of the perfect life.

But the perfect life will probably never happen because you were too brainwashed by society looking for it in the wrong places.



It’s good to remember how depressing life feels when you’re not following your life path.

I need to constantly remind myself because this is the driving force behind me working hard on my projects and plans.

I might still not be on my life path, but I know I’m closer to it now than before. It should be just a matter of time before I discover what it is that I came to this earth to do. But I have the faith knowing that it will unfolds itself while I’m taking my baby steps in the right directions.


Be free to work from Home


But at least for the first time in my life I took the courage of throwing myself out there and let destiny play it’s roll. No more being stuck behind a monthly pay check just because I’m too afraid of taking risks.

And I can openly admit; I’ve been extremely afraid of taking financial risks. That has lead me to always get stuck in jobs that make me unhappy just because I’m too afraid of going for what I really dream of doing.

But I’m not going to let that have the control over me. I need this freedom, because I cannot function properly without it. For me life has absolutely no meaning when there is someone controlling it, I need to be in charge.



What am I doing now?


As you guys now, I’m going away now for at least 3 months to travel. But that doesn’t mean I’ll be on holiday mode farting about. No no, I’ll still set aside a few hours each day to do my stuff, because I truly care for them – and don’t want to press pause!

This semester I’m studying part-time (english grammar), working with the blog, working on my other internet projects and managing to patch up my finances a little bit here and there.



So far so good! I’m in a such better place right now and I wish anyone to take the jump who is not happy in their current situation. You just need to think outside the box and come up of creative ways of how you can survive financially. That’s what I did basically!

I can honestly say, I’m not a rich bitch anymore (not that I was rich when I was a full-time worker, but I sure had more money to play around with) – BUT – I’m now less addicted to all the materialistic stuff that filled the void in my life when I was a depressed office employee.

Now I simply get high from the fact that I’m free to do whatever I please and to be able to spend my days working on projects I really feel inspired by.

Let’s see how this journey continues, I know I’ll never regret it.


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Olesya Malinskaya Pose video

31 January 2015


LOL this video made me laugh! Still trying to figure out exactly what she was trying to have said with this clip? :)

Update: Oh, and this one made me laugh too :)

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Fashion Inspiration

Long Beach Kimono

30 January 2015


For me now winter season has officially ended (sorry to you guys who still have 2 months left). I can’t help it but I’m sick of winter clothes and outfits., I need to look ahead, on the bright summer future :)

Anyway. So my latest obsession is; Long Kimono’s to wear on the beach.

They are becoming more and more popular now with Jet set Babes, and of course, I’m craving one as well.

The only questions is, where do they buy them? Is there a particular brand that sell these beauties?

I’ve been looking in so many places, but I keep finding either shorter kimono’s or really ugly ones. I want to find the type that makes you feel like an absolute goddess on the beach (like the ones below!). Gone are those modest days covering up with a shitty sarong. We’re not getting any younger, so might as well enjoy our golden years in absolute glamour wearing a million dollar looking kimono. :)

Any ideas? 












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