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Another jet-set story

21 November 2015



I’ve got a reader to share her jet-set story with me. She wants to remain anonymous but I took the opportunity to ask her some questions and create an interview out of it.


How did you get in to the jet-set world?

I was working as a hostess in a nightclub after I graduated high school. I wanted to take a break from studying and make some money aside while I was figuring out life and so on. Somehow a friend got me in to this high-end club where I live to work as a table hostess and I guess that’s how it all started.

I met a large number of people as I worked there for almost two years, mostly men of course, but I didn’t mind it as their attention was giving me loads of confidence. I would exchange numbers with guests whenever there was an opportunity. I think back then I was quite naive and would literally grasp anyone descent who wanted to get to know me. Once I gave my number to an older man who turned out to be quite wealthy and that’s how I began my jet-set story.



What is your experience with the jet-set world?

This man showed me the way forward. I was only an average girl working in a club and he was a bit of a jet-setter. At least in my eyes he seemed to be a billionaire but today I know he wasn’t actually that extravagant or rich. It was more my naive eyes who never seen a man with status before, I had nothing to compare with.

But I still had a good time with him. It was like he was my first investor who bought me a new wardrobe as I didn’t own any labels or handbags. He took me on some trips abroad and showed me some amazing bars and restaurants. When I was with him I felt I discovered a world I wouldn’t want to let go off as my taste buds got quite acquainted with the good life.



In a way I guess you could say that the older man was my sponsor but we never put any definition to our relationship. Yes we slept with each other, I liked him as my mentor but it was never a case of me feeling obligied to him or repay him. It was all emotional based of true liking, plus I did care for him. He had gotten divorced and felt lonely, probably a middle-age crisis on top of that – and there I was young and innocent.

While seeing this man I was still working at the club. Little by little I began to acquire good contacts with both girls and guys/men. After a while my relationship with the older man started to fade as he got more busy with work and I changed my circle of friends.

I was lucky to get introduced to a quite high-level of people, but I know it was kind of thanks to my personal transformation. When I looked like an average girl I didn’t get the right attention, but after the pampering of the older man, I had invested money in my appearance and got more exclusive clothing – people started looking differently at me. I know later it was not pure luck, it was like some formula had worked.



Now it’s been 6 years since I started (I’m 25) and I can say I’m so happy to have done it. I would say I’m a bit of a jet-setter right now.

The first 5 years were quite crazy. A lot of party, travel and socialising. I did the entire bit of Ibiza, south of France, Paris, London, Vegas and L.A etc. Often through promoter friends, rich guys who invited or girlfriends who were invited by rich guys and wanted company. I’ve also been dating wealthy men and got some pampering and opportunities that way.



How is your jet-set life today?

Through friends in common I met my current boyfriend who is quite well off and we live together. It was thanks to those high-end friends who introduced me to him. We’ve been together for a year and I travel the world with him on business trips etc. But he is also a guy that pushes me to do my own thing so he has invested money in to my studies (a very good university) so I’m studying at the moment.

I miss the party-glam-days a bit, but I know at the same time I’m very fortunate to have met my current boyfriend, as it has only changed my life to the better.



What do you think contributed to your “success” in the jet-set world?

For sure my first job in the high-end club! I didn’t know anything about the luxury life until I started meeting people there who took me under their wing. The older man of course and my jet-set friends who I got to know after.

But if I would look at myself I think I’ve been fortunate to always look like a decent girl, I’m naturally slim and have long thick hair which gets attention from the guys. My face is alright too, although it has become slightly better over the years once I started investing money to it. But not to forget an easy-going attitude and a fun approach to life. People have fun with me and I’m always positive, that’s helped for sure to expand my social circle.


Story of a Jetset Babe


What have you learned and what advice would you give aspiring girls who want to get in to the jet-set world?

It’s hard work at times! You need to be a bit superficial, it’s part of it. Everyone is! I’m still grounded as a person but of course I’ve gotten used to a lifestyle which has spoiled me a bit. The problem is once you get a taste for this life, it’s very hard to go back to the basics you came from. I’m not a diva, just being honest….

My advice is to take it slowly, stay grounded and don’t get carried away. You will lose yourself if all you see is dollar signs and you will actually start a journey of self-destruction. I do care for money but money is not everything. Sure I want a high-end lifestyle, but I know I can go back to my old basic average lifestyle anytime and make a good life out of it.


Thank you! 

If you as a reader who is part of the jet-set world would like to share your personal story or let me interview you – please email me. You can decide wether you want to be anonymous or not. 


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Rhinoplasty in Europe


I rarely blog about plastic surgery because I have very little knowledge or experience about in this topic (never had anything done myself). It seems as a lot of Jetset Babes have tweaked one thing or another.

I believe Rhinoplasty is one of the most common (probably the other one is breast augmentation). I know a lot of people who have had nose jobs done, and according to them it’s not really a big deal – but it can make a huge (often positive) difference to your entire appearance.

Recovery time is set to 2 weeks which is quite manageable, and you don’t really need to stay camping (and hiding) at home for too long after the surgery. (I actually saw a woman today on the street with the entire nose in stained bandage and big bruises around her eyes. I felt “Wow lady, respect to you who have the guts to walk around like that in public”).



A friend of mine have had rhinoplasty done in UK and is not fully happy with her procedure, so she wants to re-do it elsewhere. I’ve heard UK surgeons are not really that great, and I wanted to ask you guys in favour of her (the ones who have experience and knowledge in this topic);

Which country is best for nose jobs? 

Which surgeon can you recommend?

Some say The States is the best for any plastic surgery, but what if the person wants to do it in Europe or not too far away? Any recommendations?



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There are tons of fashionable low-heels out at the moment, making high heels feel less of a priority to wear. Now it’s all about being comfortable but stylish.

I thank our fashion-gods for that, because I’ve reached an age where I can’t be bothered running around in cold weather uncomfortable. It’s just not worth it! God bless comfy outfits, let’s enjoy this Fall season! 


















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