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Victoria Bonya

29 August 2015




Who is Victoria Bonya?bottomline


Born: 27th November 1979

Nationality: Russian (born in Siberia)

Zodiac: Sagittarius

Lives: Monaco & Moscow

Occupation: Tv & Radio presenter, model, actress, former reality star in Russia


Victoria Bonya

Young Victoria Bonya


Victoria Bonya


Victoria Bonya


Victoria Bonya has been on the JetsetBabe blog for a while now.

From the beginning she was an ordinary girl, who lived in Krasnokamensk, Chita region in Siberia. As a 16 year old she moved to Moscow and worked as a waitress. Her big break through came in 2006, aged 27, when she entered one of Russias most famous reality shows “Dom 2″ (similar to Big Brother). She remained on the show for 10 months, and became a well known face across the country.

Thanks to the show and a lot of hard work, Victoria got a career as a model, actress, radio & tv presenter with which she still works with today.

In the midst of her career break through, Victoria met the son of an Irish billionaire, Alexander Smurfit.

It’s been said that the 5 years younger Alexander, did not interest Victoria due to his reputation of being a womaniser when they first met. But after giving him a chance, they became loving sweethearts still going strong today.


Victoria Bonya


Victoria Bonya


Victoria Bonya


In the beginning of their relationship they faced a lot of challenges.

The father of Alexander wanted his son to marry an aristocrat, but Alexander had set his mind on Victoria, the ordinary girl from Siberia. Today they live in Monaco with their daughter Angelina, and seem to be a very happy Jet set couple.


Victoria Bonya


Victoria Bonya


My personal opinion of the little I’ve seen of Victoria is positive. I’ve seen her many times on tv, and she is a fearless woman with a strong character who is not afraid of speaking her mind. I think that has helped her reach where she is today in life, she is a typical “go-getter” who is not holding back in terms of hard work.

Although she has married herself in to wealth now, she keeps it classy and still focuses on her career. I believe women with this attitude in life are able to keep men like Alexander by their side, because they keep them interested while having their own independence. For me this couple is an inspiration, as for once the Jet set Babe breaks the pattern by marrying a rich, young and attractive man rather than the usual old-and-ugly-rich-dude. :)



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Self Improvement

Do the work on yourself

27 August 2015



While I’m travelling right now, I’m getting to understand myself on a deeper level.

Although life on the road is exciting with all it’s happenings and adventures, reality still remains the same – your life the way it truly is. No matter where you are on this planet, you can never escape from yourself. I try and do this at times, thinking the grass is greener on the other side. But it never is, because your life follows you wherever you go.

I’ve decided to continue do some serious work on myself and my life. I have moments where I feel a bit lost, when I lose focus, but I’m determined to not let go of what I’m here to do. I want to become better as a person. I want to grow. I want to resolve certain issues that are holding my inner potential back. I want to enter a more sustainable level of happiness. I want to heal myself. I want to heal my past. My relationships with family, ex and future boyfriends, and so on.



What I will be working on right now:

– I want to fully learn how to forgive. Letting go of infected childhood disappointments with parents. Nobody came to this earth to be perfect, so it’s time to let go of the expectations and just accept.

– I want to grow more confidence and self-esteem. To be able to do whatever I want to do, I need to really believe in myself. It’s not so easy, even for a person who seem quite confident like me. But we always have those little rotten seeds in us, giving us that ounce of disbelief, and that’s when we give up before trying, because we’re afraid of failure.

– I want to become less of a control freak. This might be one of the hardest cookies to crack, because taking control is the easiest escape of it all. But sometimes we need to simply surrender in life, letting things go to the hands of universe – and let destiny play it’s role.



– I need to continue work on my procrastination issues. This is a struggle. I get so easily distracted, and then my productivity runs on a level of slow motion. I want to accomplish so many things. But nothing will ever come out of it simply by talking about it. It’s all about getting down to business.

– I need to make peace with loneliness. Stop fearing it. Escaping in to “quick fixes” like friends, lovers, boyfriends will never resolve what brings up the loneliness from the beginning. I need to make friends with this daunting feeling. And accept, because it’s a natural state in life which we should not fear. It’s part of life at times.



This is only the tip of the iceberg. We are all on a very long journey ahead, a journey meant for healing and learning. The reason why I’ve decided I cannot escape my issues anymore, is because I’m really facing them right now while travelling on my own. And I guess it’s very healthy in many ways, even though it at times does not feel like a blessing. But it is. And only if we put our minds to it to fix ourselves, anything can happen. Only then will we reach another level in life, a level of bliss, where we can find true happiness. I really want to make a change this time. I will certainly give it my 100%. Thank you for sharing my path with me. <3


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Last days of summer

27 August 2015


Europe is slowly wrapping up it’s summer. Fall is on the way! So Let’s enjoy the little that is left… 

But the big question is, did you all have a good summer? Any high lights?

My summer was slow and cold. Had higher expectations in the beginning of summer, yet things didn’t turn out the way I thought they would. But it’s always like that. When you expect something – the energy of your expectations seems to block things to happen the way you want them to. So no matter how hard it is, next year – I’m going to try and expect absolutely nothing!

But it was not too bad overall. My summer started really mid august when I left for Asia, and it’s still going strong :)



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