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July 2014



Enjoying Summer, Life is NOW

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It’s summertime, and I’m lovin’ it!

I’m currently working my last days at work, then on friday I’m finally FREE. :)

I’m also spending this time by prepping myself & reading a lot of books about becoming successful, finances, self improvement etc as I want to maximize my potential in my business.

Slow summer days are perfect for reading inspirational books, as to be honest – I don’t have any urge for opening up my laptop at all! It’s summer time with hot & beautiful days – I want to live a little bit and not be online 24/7. The blog is still taking it’s little summer holiday, but that will soon change once I’m free from this damn job & the creativity will sprout as there will be room for it.

I can’t wait to start blogging about my new journey in life & share it all with you!

For now it’s me, my books and some relaxing time spent with friends. I want to live the summer life while it’s here because I know it’s only 1 month left before september starts and then HELLO FALL! :S

So let’s enjoy this time & live each day like as if there is no tomorrow. LIFE IS SO GREAT RIGHT NOW! :D

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July 2014



Ramona Filip

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Who is this stylish woman from Instagram, inspiring thousands of followers with her fashion & elegant style?


Her name is Ramona Filip:

Ramona Filip Ramona Filip Ramona Filip Ramona Filip Ramona Filip   Ramona Filip Ramona Filip Ramona Filip Ramona Filip Ramona Filip Ramona Filip Ramona Filip Ramona Filip Ramona Filip Ramona Filip Ramona Filip Ramona Filip Ramona Filip Ramona Filip  

This is Ramona Filip,

One of my favorite fashionistas on Instagram right now! I love her sense of fashion and the amazing outfits she compile, it’s such inspiration to check everyday what Ramona is wearing, I can’t get enough! :) Follow her on instagram: @ramonfilip

Ramona Filip

Who is Ramona Filip?

She is not only a stunning fashionista on Instagram, she is also a Fashion Designer of her own label “Ramon Filip”. She designs beautiful haute couture evening gowns and luxurious purses. Everything is just as chic as Ramona herself and you can often spot her wearing her own creations!

Besides being a talent in fashion, Ramona is a mother of two beautiful children; George (9) & Nicole (6). The entire family (plus their labrador Kanouk) lives together in Nicosia in Cyprus where Ramona has been living since 1999 – originally Ramona is from Romania.

On her free time she enjoys spending time with her family, travel & do sports such as tennis & waterskiing. A great way to stay fit yet have fun at the same time!

Ramona Filip

Ramona with her husband


Ramona & Fashion


Ramonas favorite designers are Givenchy, Balmain, Stella McCartney & YSL. Like mentioned earlier, Ramona does wear her own designs a lot, but she still likes to mix & match with other designer pieces or high street brands like Zara, Mango or anything else that catches her attention. Her motto is to play around with fashion without taking it too seriously, and she prefers quality over quantity.

Her fashion brand “Ramon Filip” has already become an award winning brand when Ramona received the “Best Designer of the Year 2009″ award at the Madame Figaro Women of the year awards. To find out more about the talented work of Ramona & her creations please visit:




July 2014