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01 October 2015



I know the blog has lost it’s spark since some time ago. I have unfortunately not felt the inspiration or motivation to create meaningful posts as the jet set topic has lost some interest to me.

That doesn’t mean I will shut it down. No, I’ve invested too much time and effort. But, I need to make some changes to the website that will re-format the blog a bit and lift my inspiration.

I’m therefor thinking of removing all my personal content and strictly focusing this blog on the jet set topic. The Jet set Babes, fashion, beauty, health, lifestyle etc.

All my personal posts with pep-talk, motivation, self improvement, my life etc will be moved to another platform (as I have another idea with what I’d like to do with it). So nothing would really be lost, it’s more 2 blogs in 1 going separate ways.



What do you think about that? 

JetsetBabe blog will become less personal of course, but more informative about the subject itself. And the author behind this blog (me) can finally blog about all my personal thoughts and interest in my own blog, without feeling I’m intruding the JetsetBabe space or associating myself too much with the topic itself.

I know not everyone will like it, (some will of course which is great) but I would like to hear your thoughts. After all the blog has been running on slow motion and I want to stop that and instead improve the content!

It will also be easier for me to get contributing writers when the blog is less personal and put more focus on informative good quality content around the theme of jet setters.

So my questions are;

1. Do you think it’s a good idea becomes less personal but more jet set oriented?

2. What topics do you think are most interesting?

Thank you for your feedback, let’s improve this website! <3



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New chapter, New plans

27 September 2015



My gosh, it feels so great to be back on northern territorium!

I must say leaving my travel bubble was probably the best decision I’ve done in a long while. Beach, sun and parties made me lazy as hell and kind of braindead.

No matter how hard I tried (honestly, I did actually try!) but I just couldn’t get in to the mode of being creative, having business plans and actually executing something productive. But as soon as I’m in northern countries which carry a different vibe, it’s like my inspiration for productivity sparks up all of a sudden.

I can finally say, I thought I would be able to do the whole “working from a beach”-kinda thing. But it’s SO NOT my thing. You must have the discipline of steel in order to succeed, and I admit I was not cut out for it. (It does look easier than it is…)



But London is amazing, I’m so happy to be back!

I’m already active with ideas, plans and keeping myself busy with all kinds of important tasks. have been a lot on my mind lately, as there has been some change of heart from my end, and I’ve decided to re-do the website in some important aspects.

I will not reveal yet what the changes will be, because some parts I’m not 100% sure about yet. But I know some of you will hate it, and some will actually like it. :) One thing is for sure, something needs to happen asap as my interest is slowly dying for this concept. (I’m sure you’ve noticed the lack of motivation from my end for a while now).

I will at the same time sort out all the technical issues, so fingers crossed I’ll get the ball rolling very soon. I’ve already started working on this, so can’t wait to finalise it!



So a new beginning for me in many ways. London, blog, projects etc. Feels good to be back in a routine!

Life on the road may seem fun at times, but after a while you really stop appreciating and all you want is some form of normality. After 6 months of living in a suitcase, you can’t wait to finally un pack once and for all and just chill. Ahhhhhh :)

Today I saw some apartments in the morning and went to Harrods for a stroll. After that I met a friend for Russian lunch at Mari Vanna in Knightsbridge, followed by some afternoon drinks at Bulgari hotel. All in all very chill, perfect Sunday activities.



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Back in London

26 September 2015



I’m back in London!

Arrived a few days ago, left Asia with a smile – but felt my path is in London right now.

At the moment I’m super busy looking for an apartment. Can’t wait until I move in somewhere, as only then will I be able to fully relax and start with everything that I have planned for my stay in London.

So weird that I left this city a year ago and now I’m back again.

It’s like I really needed that break to fully appreciate this amazing town once again.

Very happy to be back :)

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