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31 October 2014


Jet set Babe Ebook


This week has been busy and productive, but I am not going to stop just because it’s the weekend! Finally I have that flow going plus things are moving forward. I feel extremely proud that I am almost done with the writing of my ebook! I cannot even remember when I mentioned it for the first time here on the blog that I had started writing it? Probably a year ago!

I can tell you that it has been an on and off project, but the past few months I have felt a strong desire to finish it off.

Because I am a typical Aries, I tend to start loads of new projects with great passion – yet never finish anything! I do not want that anymore because it is not a road towards success.


Jet set Babe Ebook


The remaining part is to find someone who can proofread it, correct my bad english, grammar mistakes etc. Gosh I wish I was a native speaker sometimes!

Once I can finish this project off, I can go back to my main business project which I feel have been neglected the past month. But that’s fine, because I took the decision to set an intense amount of time aside to this project so that I feel it can be ticked off as DONE. It feels so good getting things done, I love the feeling :)


In the midst of my writing marathons I have totally forgot that it is Halloween!

Happy Halloween to everyone who is going to celebrate it. I will not as you can imagine, due to being busy with my projects. I have still a few months left of my quiet year so I better take some advantage of it by getting stuff done. Plus I am in a flow, do not wish to get disturbed ;) Have a great weekend everyone! <3


Jet set Babe Ebook

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Jetset World

How did YOU enter the jet set world?

28 October 2014


Jet set Babes

A shout out to all my readers;


I would like to know how YOU – my readers – who are or have been active in the jet set world, got your foot in to this world from the very beginning?


Did you go an easy way by getting everything introduced to you?

Or did you start from scratch and found a way in yourself? If yes – what was the way in?

My way was through night life, but I am curious to see if that is the most common way or if we have any other alternatives.

Please share :)


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