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08 October 2015



I really appreciate all the great feedback I received to the post: My idea for the future.


Thank you guys!


This year I’ve had very little motivation with running this blog.

I’ve been very close on shutting the entire thing down, but somehow I’ve always changed my mind in the very last moment. Instead I took the decision to not update very often, which is something that you’ve complained about in the feedback. Don’t worry, this will change of course. I have finally new energy with the blog, it’s concept and my plans for the future. I’m hoping to get some contributors that will make this blog easier to maintain, so the level of updates will go back to it’s normal course.

Keep on adding feedback on topics you want to read about!



I’ve removed most of the offtopic posts here and moved them to my new blog.

However it’s still under construction, so it might take a little while before I reveal the address to my personal little diary. I will keep on writing about self-improvement, motivation and all that stuff over there, mixed with my personal journey in London. Maybe I’ll start posting my own photos too. :)

Today I’m moving to my new flat.

It feels great that a new chapter is laying ahead. My internet will get installed on Monday (so I’m wifi-less until then), and after I will have all the time in the world to focus on my writing, projects and creativity. I will promise you that this blog is getting the needed facelift it’s been screaming for. Not only content wise, but also in it’s appearance and technical issues. It’s time to re-groom and improve!

Thanks for the support and keep on commenting! Much love.



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The Secret to Perfect Eyebrows

07 October 2015




Your eyebrows could be your trademark,

or that important detail to make your entire look, look perfectly groomed.

There is something about eyebrows that can make or break your entire appearance.

How many times haven’t you seen pictures by people who make fun of girls who didn’t understand their eyebrows looked awful?

Perfect eyebrows will make you look flawless if you get it right. But it does require a little bit of work…


How to get Perfect Eyebrows


How to get those perfect eyebrows?

I would like to invite my readers for sharing your knowledge and maybe we can together discover the best methods of looking like the girls in these pictures. Let’s discuss in the comments section, but first I’ll add some of my thoughts…






Grooming methods:bottomline


- Basic DIY grooming at home: Semi permanent tint + tweeze

- Brow grooming in a salon: Semi permanent tint + tweeze/threading/wax + consultation/browmapping + shaping

- Eyebrow extensions: For those who have over plucked their eyebrows, this is similar to the eyelash extensions method. Eeach hair gets glued on to another existing hair, the extensions lasts around 2-3 weeks.

- Microblading 3D or 6D eyebrows: Tiny blades “paint” hairlike strokes, which gives your brows a very natural look in comparison to the harsh permanent make up technique which is similar. Great to fill in gaps or for almost “non existing” brows. Lasts around 2 years.


How to get Perfect Eyebrows

3D Microblading Brows


How to get Perfect Eyebrows

6D Microblading Eyebrows


How to get Perfect Eyebrows

Recommended eyebrow tint. Used in salons. Is this one the best or there better ones out there?


How to get Perfect Eyebrows

Don’t forget to include hair trimming in to your brow grooming routine!




 Make up your browsbottomline


Many girls with perfect looking brows have used make up as their secret weapon. In fact, their brows in a natural state are just groomed to a basic level, and to it they add the magic by using this eyebrow make up technique:

- Your eyebrows need to be tinted to the approx colour of the fill you will add.

- Start off by marking your eyebrows in it’s lowest end like seen in this picture. Blend upwards and add a coat of highlighting concealer underneath to make the brow pop out.


How to get Perfect Eyebrows


- If needed, fill in the rest with eyebrow powder. Usually you buy a set of three colours. The trick is to get a natural looking fill by mixing all three colours with following method:

Add the lightest colour in the beginning of the brow, the medium dark in the middle, slightly mixed with the darkest one which goes in the very end of the brow and arch.

- Depending on how harsh you want your brows to be, a good trick is to only have a tiny bit of fill in the beginning of the eyebrow. The fill you use should be very blended so it gives a soft appearance.

- Highlighting concealer should be applied all around the eyebrow: underneath, on the sites and above. Make sure to blend it well so the eyebrow looks natural yet “pops out”.


How to get Perfect Eyebrows


How to get Perfect Eyebrows


How to get Perfect Eyebrows


How to get Perfect Eyebrows

Good eyebrow colour for blondes and light haired girls.




Let’s discuss!bottomline


  • What eyebrow treatments can you recommend?
  • Can you mention any other eyebrow methods I’ve not listed?
  • Which is the best eyebrow tint ever?
  • Do you have any technical advice on how to get perfect eyebrows using make up?
  • Which look of brows do you prefer? The make up one or the very natural?



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Billionaire Wives

06 October 2015


Watch online for Free, a documentary with the episode “Billionaire Wives” from the series “Who’d be a billionaire”. 

“With gold diggers everywhere, how hard is it for a billionaire to find true love? Can money really buy happiness? And if so, how long does it last and how much will it all eventually cost?”



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